All those who’ve read the book going by the same name, looking forward to catch the Ang Lee adaptation of Yann Martel’s bestseller novel- Life Of Pi- which is about a boy cast away at a sea with a diverse collection of animals, are in for a treat. The roaring Bengal tiger depicted in the 10 second clip, is an awesome computer generated imagery, and I’m all pepped up to get a glimpse of the movie’s trailer release.

Life Of Pi- Ang Lee

Also check out their clean beautiful website, which doesn’t have many details about the movie as yet, but the watercoloury illustrations of the movie scenes are quite pleasing to the eyes. Scheduled for a November 21 release, this film stars newbie Suraj Sharma in the lead, besides a dependable star cast boasting the likes of Irrfan Khan, Tobey Maguire and Gerard Depardieu.

Check the footage here: