1: The opening sequence is great. It’s probably up there with that Nightcrawler sequence from X2.

2: Magneto’s scene is emotionally devastating. What could be described as a second origin story which is a first, within the same continuity. Fine acting by Michael Fassbender.

3: Apocalypse has a clear plan of action: It has a simple plot but it is a coherent one. You won’t leave your head scratching after the movie ends, over how the antagonist’s plan would work.

4: It does a commendable job not to add any loose ends to its legendary messed-up continuity. They acknowledge what a mess X3 was, a second time in a year, if you count Deadpool.

5: The music cues are really well done. From Flock of Seagulls’ Egyptian version of So Far Away playing when Storm is introduced. The Knightrider theme in Quicksilver’s room and the best among them Metallica’s Four Horsemen while Angel transforms to Archangel, are absolute fuckin’ perfection. It has a song by Venom, you never get that.

6: The character designs are really faithful to the comics. Psylocke, Jubilee look like they stepped right out of Jim Lee’s pencils, Cyclops gets his Y-shaped belt and we see Barry Windsor Smith’s Weapon X look for Wolverine with the visor and wires attached and him in Berserker Mode. Can’t wait for that R-Rated movie.

7: This has some clever writing. JLaw’s contractual obligation to not be in make up is cleverly written into the script, even though I went in hating the idea of a Mystique led XMen, I wasn’t that miffed. It lent itself quite naturally to the plot.

8: Quicksilver is THE best. He was the best part about Days of The Future past and he gets the best sequence here as well plus he has much more screen time this time. His sequence here is what a super hero should be, though it’s more Flash then Quicksilver if you’re a fan of the good books.

9: Cyclops was finally done justice. Not just an origin, we got a great, subtly implied explanation, for why Cyclops is such a stickler for the rules. When he comes back from an outing and finds his brother dead, he knew he should have been there. Only problem is that Sansa Jean looks way older than him.


10: After credits scene: I bet, 99% of the audience must be lost on that. That was as geeky a reference as they come and even casual comic reading fans will have a hard time deciphering it. Being the humble person I am, I’ll place myself in that 1% who knew that Essex Corp refers to Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister, a classic X Men foe who fiddles with genetics and hence the briefcase full of blood samples.

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