Author: Arindam Sen

Godzilla | Movie Review

“He is a God, for all intents and purposes” Gojira is a force of nature and director, Gareth Edwards understands that and treats him just like one. Therefore you get to witness the events playing out in the film just like a natural catastrophe, in televisions sets, in second and third hand accounts of the events that are taking place but are rarely there in your face for the majority of this 140 minutes long spectacle. Edwards brings his Indie credentials and sensibilities into it and sparingly uses the Kaijus and the overall action in this movie which leaves...

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 | Movie Review

*Spoiler Alert* One basic point Amazing Spider Man 2 gets right, that most comic-book movies seem to falter on, is the motivation behind why the villains are being villains. When the cast was announced and the list of the Spidey foes kept piling up, there was a wave of ┬áresentment among the fans as they did not want another Spider Man 3. Thankfully, Marc Webb strikes the right balance between establishing each villains’ story arc. This movie is visually stunning, it has the best use of 3D till date in a Superhero flick, the vertigo inducing, first person web...

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